Nutrewise- Raksha Changappa

Raksha Changappa : Nutrition, Weight Management-Nutrewise

Nutrewise- Raksha Changappa


Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Medical Nutrition

Raksha Changappa : Nutrition, Weight Management-Nutrewise

Services Offers

Nutrewise offers the following:

  • Personalized diet counseling for various diseases and disorders
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Menu planning and analysis for food-based industries
  • Customized nutrition plans for schools and sports teams
  • Remote consultation services (online, telephonic, and postal modes of counseling)
  • Expert guidance and advice on various nutritional and wellness-related issues through blogs and articles


1. Nutrition Through Life

Nutrient needs vary by life stage and gender. Good nutrition in key stages can have long-term benefits. Nutrewise provides tailored nutrition advice and diet plans for each life stage, including pregnancy.

Poor nutrition during pregnancy can have negative effects on the infant’s health and cognitive development, impacting future generations.

2. Medical Nutrition Therapy

Optimize your health with personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) from Nutrewise! Their team creates customized plans based on your unique needs, including height, weight, lab tests, and dietary data.

MNT can treat and prevent disease complications while reducing reliance on prescription drugs. They offer plans for various disorders and are happy to discuss options for your specific condition. 

3. Weight Management

Weight is not just about fat, it includes all organs, fluids, bone, muscle and adipose tissue. Any changes in these components, due to growth, disease, physical activity, or aging, affect body weight.

Maintaining a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure is important to avoid overweight or underweight conditions. Neglecting weight imbalances can adversely affect health.

Nutritional management and lifestyle changes can help correct weight problems. Nutrewise provides customized nutrition therapy to address weight issues, including post-natal weight loss.

4. Sports Nutrition

Nutrewise offers personalized nutritional plans and professional advice for athletes. Proper nutrition is crucial for energy, hydration, and performance.

Nutrewise tailors plans for various sports and provides guidance on fluid, carbohydrate, and protein intake, weight management, sports foods, and ergogenic aids. 

5. Nutritional Knowledge And Education

Nutrewise offers comprehensive nutritional knowledge and education services to individuals, educational institutions, NGOs, and corporations.

Their team of experts provides topical articles on nutrition for various media outlets, educational talks on nutrition-related topics, and corporate healthcare services.

Nutrewise’s commitment to promoting healthy living and providing reliable nutritional information make them a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their diet and overall health. Contact them today to start your journey towards better nutrition.

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  • Rs. 5000

The hourly consultation charges start at Rs. 5000 per hour.


1. What services does Nutrewise offer?

Nutrewise offers a wide range of services including diet counseling, nutrition workshops, corporate wellness programs, and consultation for food-based industries.

2. What is the expertise of Raksha Changappa?

Raksha Changappa is a highly awarded professional and the best dietitian-nutritionist in India.

3. How can I book an appointment with Nutrewise?

You can book an appointment with Nutrewise by filling out the contact form on their website, or by calling/emailing them directly.

4. Does Nutrewise offer remote consultations?

Yes, Nutrewise offers remote consultations via online, telephonic, and postal mail modes.

5. What is the pricing for Nutrewise’s services?

The pricing for Nutrewise’s services varies depending on the type of service and the duration. Please contact them directly for more information.

6. Does Nutrewise provide customized diet plans?

Yes, Nutrewise provides customized diet plans based on individual needs, preferences, and medical conditions.

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Nutrewise, a consultancy in Bangalore, specializes in Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Management. Established by Ms. Raksha A. Changappa in 2008, she also serves as Owner-Principal Consultant. 

Looking for top-tier food, nutrition, diet, and weight management consulting in India? Look no further than Nutrewise. Their comprehensive services range

from personalized diet counseling for common and uncommon diseases/disorders to nutrition workshops and industry guidance. 

At Nutrewise, you’ll receive personalized attention from the Founder-Principal Consultant, Ms. Raksha A. Changappa. Ms. Raksha, the top dietitian-nutritionist in India and a renowned industry leader, is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible advice. Their commitment to quality and expertise has made them the go-to nutrition consultancy in the country.

Nutrewise has the privilege of serving a diverse client base, including individuals, corporations, NGOs, NPOs, schools, and more. They’re proud to offer remote diet counseling services that cater to clients from all over the world, making them a truly global company. Whether you’re seeking dietary advice from the comfort of your home or guidance for your organization, Nutrewise is the go-to choice.

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