Dr. Sharon Sameul

Dr. Sharon Sameul: An Ayurvedic physician of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Sharon Sameul


Pregnancy care: Garbhadhana,Garbhini paricharya, Prasavaraksha

Dr. Sharon Sameul: An Ayurvedic physician of Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Hormone Balance: Hormonal disturbances are no joke! They can seriously mess with your body in so many ways, like causing your periods to go all wacky, making you gain weight seemingly out of nowhere, and turning your mood into a rollercoaster ride.

And get this, it’s not just one thing that can throw your hormones off balance – stress, diet, and even medical conditions can all be culprits. Dr. Sharon helps you get rid of all the hormonal stressors and restore the ultimate balance. 

Metabolic Diseases: You know, that thing that affects your weight, energy levels, and blood sugar control? It’s called metabolism. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. Disorders of the metabolism, like diabetes, thyroid problems, and metabolic syndrome, can seriously mess with your health.

It’s not just a matter of taking a pill and moving on – managing these conditions requires constant attention and care. Dr. Sharon helps you implement Ayurvedic practices that help you manage these conditions and restore your health.

Infertility:  It’s a heartbreaking journey for so many couples who are hoping to start a family. There are so many factors that can contribute to infertility, like age, hormone imbalances, and issues with the reproductive system. And the treatment options can involve major lifestyle changes, medications with all kinds of side effects, and even assisted reproductive technologies like IVF.

It’s a lot to deal with, and it’s no wonder that so many people find it so challenging and emotional. And that’s where Ayurved comes into play.  With the right approach infertility can be treated with Ayurveda. Dr. Sharon is here to help you with the journey. 

Garbhadhana or preconception care: It’s all about getting your body and mind ready for a healthy pregnancy through Ayurvedic practices and herbs.

We’re talking optimizing nutrition, managing any chronic health conditions you might have, and dealing with any potential risks before you even conceive. It’s like setting the foundation for a healthy pregnancy right from the start.

Antenatal care or Garbhini paricharya: This is all about making sure you have a healthy pregnancy and dealing with any complications that might come up along the way.

Regular checkups, proper nutrition, and getting enough rest are all super important for keeping both you and your baby healthy. Dr. Sharon makes sure that nothing goes wrong through extensive care and guidance.

Childbirth or prasava: This is a BIG DEAL for women. It can be both exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. But there are actually techniques in Ayurveda you can use to manage the pain, like breathing exercises and support from a birth team.

And if you prepare adequately beforehand, it can make the experience a whole lot more manageable. It’s like a marathon for your body and mind! Dr. Sharon assures women have a beautiful experience during childbirth. 

Postpartum recovery or prasavaraksha: Childbirth is not the end but just the beginning of a new journey! The journey of healing and nourishing at the same time. Taking care of yourself and your body after you’ve given birth is very important.

Rest, proper nutrition, and addressing any physical or emotional challenges that might come up are all super important during this time. Support from family, friends, and your doctor can be a total game-changer. It’s like having a village to help you through this crazy, beautiful journey. Dr. Sharon becomes a part of the tribe!

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You can contact Dr. Sharon directly through her Instagram profile or call on +91 97406 32050 to book an appointment. 


1. What is the specialization of Dr. Sharon?

She’s a specialist in women’s reproductive health, and she can solve all sorts of women’s health problems like hormonal imbalances, metabolic diseases, and even polycystic ovarian disease – all through Ayurveda! She’s also a specialist in pregnancy and child care.

2. Does doctor Dr. Sharon provide online consultation?

Dr. Sharon provides online consultation, which is super convenient. Who wants to leave the house when you can just hop on Instagram and book an appointment with her?

3. What treatment does Dr. Sharon provide?

Dr. Sharon addresses diseases from their root causes. So the first thing she’ll do is advise you on making lifestyle changes like proper diet, getting enough rest, and even getting enough sunlight. And then, she’ll give you herbal medications to support your recovery. It’s like a holistic approach to healing – so cool!


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Dr. Sharon Sameul is an Ayurvedic physician and educator. She is a university professor with a Master of Surgery (M.S.). Her area of expertise is Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She is currently a resident in Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda & Research.  

Her expertise is in women

and child healthcare. She helps women suffering from reproductive health issues like PCOS, infertility, and hormonal disbalance. She also provides several Ayurvedic workshops for pregnant women.

By advocating and suggesting good lifestyle habits, she ensures that women have a safe and comfortable pregnancy. She also counsels women and children on several issues. She also offers services to women looking to get pregnant, which will prepare their mind and body for a new life. This is called Garbhadhana.

Pregnant women are given special care during pregnancy with right food, supplements, and a peaceful environment. This is called Garbhini paricharya. 

The compassionate doctor also provides support during postpartum through Prasavaraksha or postpartum healing. Dr. Sharon Samuel is actively involved in holistic healthcare, clinical research and medical education.

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