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Hemp Based Skincare & Hair Care, Wellness & Nutritional Products

Product Range

Every single product at Ananta Hemp Works is crafted excellently with traditional ayurvedic methods and ingredients. Their beauty products are incredibly nourishing and made out of plant based products rather than synthetic or chemical materials. Their excellent nutritional products are supplemented with hemp which is the richest source of many nutrients. Hemp oil also has many pain-relieving and reducing inflammation qualities which makes it an excellent addition to wellness products. 

  • Body products
  • Face products
  • Hair care
  • Wellness products
  • Nutrition
  • Pet products

Best Sellers

Every single product at Ananta Hemp Works is well-made, nutritional and completely natural. Every one of them has been researched meticulously to provide you with the maximum possible benefit of the product. Their products are all stellar but some of their very outstanding products are listed below.

  • CannaEase™ Muscle & Joint Pain Management Oil – Vijaya Leaf Extract (Roll-On Stick)
  • Ananta Hemp Face Serum
  • Ananta Hemp Seed Oil (Cold Pressed)
  • Ananta Hemp Hearts
  • CannaEase™ Hemp Balm
  • Ananta Hemp Sativa Oil & Hemp Hearts Combo

Price Range

  • ₹349 ₹1099
  • The price range for their body care products is ₹199 to ₹1,099.
  • Their face care products are available from ₹349 to ₹1,099.
  • Their hair care range is from ₹345 to ₹648.
  • The wellness products cost as low as ₹199 to ₹1,999.
  • Their nutritional products are priced from ₹315 to ₹399.
  • Their products for pets are priced around ₹380 to ₹1,049.


Customer Reviews from Brand Website
1. Such an amazing face serum- Mansi Mudgal
Such an amazing…..bunch of products….i didn’t have any idea that the hemp face serum really helped my skin….it is really glowing after couple of weeks and the best part is it’s really easy to apply…..and diluted with my skin…!! Loved all of the products…..thanks for such an amazing…. experience.
2. Very effective face serum-Sonam Tyagi
It’s really good for tired and ageing skin. I am using this hemp face serum and I found this very effective to repair my skin. Thanks!!!!!

Amazon Rating

Based on 255 Reviews

Nykaa Rating

Based on 324Reviews

How To Buy​

You can buy any Ananta Hemp Works product on their website. Their products are also available on online marketplaces like Amazon.


Q. To where can I get my products shipped?

A. The products can be delivered all over India.

Q. What is the shipping fee charged?

A. The shipping fee is charged based on your location. Free shipping is offered for any order that cost ₹500.

Q. By when can I expect to receive my products?

A. You will receive your product in 10 to 12 days from the date of delivery.

Q. Is cash on delivery offered by Ananta Hemp Works?

A. Cash on delivery is accepted by Ananta Hemp Works. 

Q. What is the return policy?

A. Returns need to be initiated 48 hours from the date of the delivery. 

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The word Ananta, in Sanskrit, means limitless or endless. No brand could ever be an embodiment of this word quite like Ananta Hemp Works.

When it comes to nutrition and wellness, there is no industry leader quite as capable as Ananta Hemp Works. Their product catalogue is

infused with the goodness of hemp and covers body care, hair care, skincare, wellness, nutrition, pet care and just about every single thing you could need.

Their mission is to popularize the use of Ayurvedic herbs in products used for beauty and wellness. Hemp is an incredible plant which requires 50% less water and land for commercial production. It eliminates the destructive elements of pesticides, weeding, soil remediation and helps control carbon dioxide levels in the environment. It is a sound reminder that when you choose to shop at Ananta Hemp Works, you are also choosing products and processes and ingredients that safeguard the environment.

The founders of Ananta Hemp Works, Mr. Abhinav Bhaskar and Mr. Vikrambir Singh, both have a decade long experience of working within the healthcare industry and do their utmost to ensure that the products at Ananta Hemp Works are made with extreme care and keeping people’s well-being in mind.

When they discovered the immensely beneficial qualities hemp contained when it came to treating pain or insomnia, the founders were inspired to create a line of products containing hemp that addressed various modern day concerns related to health and beauty using this age old herb.

In March 2021, they issued three lines focusing on personal care, wellness and nutrition. They have already expanded to include a pet care line. Each line is meticulously designed to offer relief from a range of problems. The nutrition line is rich in hemp which in turn is rich with antioxidants, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and more.

The wellness line offers everything from pain relief to sleep management with products even specially designed to manage menstrual pain. The personal care range has body butters and face serums that will keep your fresh and glowing. Every single product is sustainable and eco friendly and just as beneficial for you as it is for the Government.

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