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Tanvi is a registered Dietitian. She is a holistic nutritionist, diet counsellor, fitness & Lifestyle Coach.

Working with the motto of sustainable nutrition plans, RD Tanvi Patwari has worked with more than 300 + clients in 3.5 years. She believes that the idea of sustainable lifestyle modification is possible and successful with the tiniest tweeks in diet, physical activity, and sleep.

Providing diets which are easy to follow and sustainable in the current lifestyle routine is her main working forte. She has been assisting clients from various health condition arenas such as Heart health, Critical care, Organ specific conditions (Kidney, stomach, liver, etc), Bone health, Pregnancy and Lactation, Pediatrics, Immunity Boosting, Diabetes management and reversal, Weight management, Hormonal health (PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid), Gut Health.

She is a strong believer that nutrition can work on every health condition if individualized to the very core and gradually learnt and followed.

She works on the principle of educating every client throughout their nutrition journey, which would serve them throughout their life to maintain a healthy, contended life .

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