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Vedalay – House Of Ayurveda


Ayurveda Based Remedies

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  • GoMygraine
  • GoSleep
  • GoPerform
  • GoSurge
  • GoDetox

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  • Rs. 159 Rs. 550

Vedalay products range in price from Rs. 159 to Rs. 550.

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You can buy Vedalay products directly from their website. Their products are also available on Amazon.

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Vedalay is a term derived from “Veda” and “Alay”, which means the home of Ayurveda. Dr. Vinay Vora’s extensive experience and practice in Ayurveda led to the creation of Vedalay. Unlike modern medical science, Ayurveda emphasizes the role of the mind. The mind governs the body and plays

a role in lifestyle disorders.

Recent research says more than 80% of such disorders are psychosomatic in nature. Vedalay was established to address these issues through genuine Ayurvedic principles and Sattva therapy. 

It is a place where tradition meets innovation. Here people can experience the ancient art of holistic healing in the modern world. The fundamentals of good health and well-being are based on following the body’s natural rhythms. This forms the basis of Vedalay’s Ayurvedic healthcare products.

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