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Best Sellers

  • Chocolate Ghee Spread With Madagascar Vanilla
  • Garlic Ghee Spread With Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Khapli Atta – Organic
  • Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee
  • Jaggery – Organic

Price Range

The price range at Praakritik is from ₹35 to ₹2,850.

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How To Buy​

You can buy any Praakritik product through their website or online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. 


Q.  What is the shipping fee?

A. Shipping is free for all orders above ₹800.

Q. Is there international shipping?

A. Yes, international shipping is carried out by Praakritik.

Q. When can I expect to receive my order?

A. If you opt for standard delivery, you will receive your order in under 7 business days. However, you can also opt for express delivery and receive your order in 2 business days.

Q. Is Cash on Delivery accepted?

Yes, but an extra charge of ₹150 is levied on Cash on Delivery orders.

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Praakrit means ‘of the nature’ and that is exactly the revolution the brand wants to bring when it comes to the food we eat. It started when Founder Dharmishthra Goenka’s aunt Richa noticed how food was becoming increasingly commercialized and started a gaushaala with the express purpose of

bringing a sense of belonging and home back into the food we eat.

Today, the brand has grown into a pioneer when it comes to the availability of quality, fresh and above all, natural and organic produce. They strive to create a fair trade between the consumers and farmers that allows the consumers access to organic food at an affordable rate while also ensuring a living wage for the farmers.

Located across Maharashtra and Gujarat, their team works yearlong to ensure that you have high quality and fresh produce that is grown sustainably both for the environment and the farmers.

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