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Through a three-pronged strategy of institutionalising craftspeople, developing designs and providing training, and gaining market access through contemporary methods, P-TAL seeks to revive the fading skill of Thatheras throughout all of India. Product marketing via both offline and online channels comes next. The team has created over 78 product designs that incorporate contemporary tastes while maintaining a historic feel. The product line includes both contemporary styles like cocktail glasses and snack bowls and traditional designs like paraats and kadhais, among others. In addition to their traditional value, the items provide a number of therapeutic benefits. As a result, P-TAL plans to inform the public about the different magical advantages that these metals have.

A teacup takes a day to prepare, which is a sign of the level of skill involved in its creation.

Every product bears the mark and individual hammering that a craftsman painstakingly performed over the course of hours.

From their hiding places in towns, the youth of Jandiala have come home to continue their tradition.

The “Thak Thak” can be heard today even louder within the walls of Jandiala.

Best Sellers

Because of their great quality and the attention that goes into their manufacturing, every product in the P-TAL catalogue is worth at least trying, but the following products are notable standouts.

  • Copper Glass
  • Brass Chapati box
  • Brass dibbi
  • Brass Thali set
  • Brass Milk pot
  • Copper Madurai Handi
  • Kansa katori
  • Flat-base Brass Kadhai
  • Brass Spoon
  • Brass Spice Box

Price Range

  • Rs. 188 Rs. 9,900

The price range is from Rs. 188 brass spoon to, Rs. 9,900 for Copper Water Matka.

How To Buy​

You can buy any P-TAL products from their website or even visit their newest store in GK-1, Delhi.


Q. Where can the products be delivered?

A. The products can be delivered all over the world.

Q. What is the shipping fee?

A. Every domestic order that is paid for in advance includes shipping. We just charge Rs. 50 for shipping when paying COD.The cost of international shipping is determined at the point of purchase. It is based on the product’s volumetric weight.

 Q. When can I expect to receive my product?

A. Since all of our products are handmade, the turnaround time may be lengthy, but we often have everything ready when an order comes in. In this situation, processing the order takes two to three business days. will get to you in a week.The waiting time could be up to 25 days if the product is out of stock.

Q. Is GST included in the listed price?

A. Yes, GST is charged on all products and included in the listed price.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. Orders that do not meet your expectations but are flawless in terms of the quality, sizes, and other specifications specified on their website are not eligible for refunds.

Only if you notify them within two days of the completion of delivery if there are any product faults or transit problems will they allow an exchange of an unused product. They will begin processing your new order as soon as we receive the returned item.

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P-TAL, a project created by students of Enactus SRCC, to resuscitate the only UNESCO-listed craft form in India, has grown into a self-sustaining brand and is headed toward being well-known all over the world. P-TAL, which also stands for the Hindi word for brass, stands for “Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy”.

P-TAL aspires to resurrect the historic, centuries-old craft of Jandiala Guru’s Thatheras, who make brass and copper cookware using a hammering technique. They value both the quality of the lives of the artisans and the quality of the products. As a result, it employs a holistic approach to craft that attempts to concentrate on both the general growth of the craftspeople and the preservation of their trade.

A little town close to Amritsar, Jandiala Guru, provided the initial spark for the effort. Its influence has now expanded to include artisans from Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha. P-TAL has benefited more than 42 artisans over the years by increasing their monthly wages by more than 600%. (rise from Rs 2000 per month to over Rs 14000 per month). Through marketing on its own website (https://ptal.in/) and a number of other e-commerce sites like Tata Cliq, Okhai, LBB, Itokri, and Etsy, P-TAL has brought the products of the craftsmen to a global audience. Additionally, it markets via retail channels in a number of other nations, including Singapore, Australia, New York, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. More than 30,000 active followers may be found on the brand’s social media pages, where the products are also promoted

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