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Cold pressed oils, Essential Oils, Body butters, Face & Skin Care

Product Range

Every single product on the Mystiq Living website is sorted into categories by area of use and by concern. This makes it incredibly easy to pick out the products best suited to you and your needs. Their carefully curated product lines adheres faithfully to four principles: transparency, nourishment, safety and affordability. They are fast acting, long lasting, effective and made of completely natural ingredients that are sourced ethically. The various categories that they are divided into are mentioned below. 

  • Cold pressed oils
  • Essential oils
  • Body Butters and Gels
  • Hydrosols
  • Face masks, creams, scrubs and mists
  • Hair oils
  • Anti Acne Kits
  • Wellness Products
  • DIY Kits
  • Floral Water
  • Clay Powder
  • Aromatherapy Blends

Best Sellers

Every single product at Mystiq Living is curated with extreme care and love, keeping in mind the customer’s well being above all else. Their philosophy of inner healing means that every product is effective and deeply healing. Although every single product at Mystiq Living is excellent, a few stand out even so. They are listed below:

  • Green Coffee Blemish Clear Face Cream
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Deep Sleep Roll On
  • Cold Pressed Castor Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Cold Pressed Colonji Oil

Price Range

  • Rs. 199 Rs.1,616

The price range for Mystiq Living is from ₹199 to  ₹ 1,616

How To Buy​

All Mystiq Living products can be purchased from their website or online market places such as Amazon or Flipkart.


Q. Does Mystiq Living ship internationally or domestically?

A. Mystiq Living does not offer international shipping, as of now, you can only get their products within India.

Q. What are the shipping fees charged by Mystiq Living.

A. There is a flat shipping fee of ₹49 across the country for orders below ₹299. An additional ₹29 is charged for Cash on Delivery orders. However, orders above ₹299 are shipped free of cost.

Q. Are Mystiq Living’s products cruelty free?

A. Mystiq Living’s products are all cruelty free, toxin free and vegan.

Q. How do I contact Mystiq Living in case of an issue with my order?

A. In case there is any issue with your order, you can contact Mystiq Living at

Q. What is Mystiq Living’s return policy?

A. Items being returned must be processed within 24 hours.

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Founded by husband-wife duo Priyanka and Nitin, Mystiq Living is a brand that cares for hair, body and skin through nourishment rather than chemical treatments. Every single Mystiq Living product in enriched with plant based ingredients and their therapeutic properties that augment your inner glow. They believe that

nourishment of the inner self is key to the beauty of the outer self.


Priyanka had formed a key interest in self made skin and hair care and soon found the superiority of plant based products over chemical ones. They were found to be effective, safe and long lasting. Nitin had recognised the need for a natural and affordable brand that used plant based ingredients and were transparent about their policies and processes.


This led them to a journey of studying and manufacturing plant based products, testing their therapeutic properties and finding the most effective ones. The result of this hard work is the beautifully curated catalogue of products offered by Mystiq Living.


Their key priorities when it comes to their business are honesty, nourishment, safety and affordability. Every single process at Mystiq Living is completely transparent and trustworthy. Every product is effective even in the long term and the plant based ingredients target the problem from within rather than giving you a surface level treatment. 


Every single product also undergoes a variety of tests including dermatology tests, toxicity tests, stability tests and microbiological tests to ensure that everything that comes in contact with your skin is completely beneficial and never causes any harm. 

Rather than opting for costly endorsements or packaging, Mystiq Living pours their resources into creating effective and long lasting products that are available to everyone. Priyanka and Nitin’s desire is to create an all natural beauty and wellness brand that caters and is accessible to everyone.

The Mystiq Living blog is also a great place to acquaint yourself with the basics of beauty and wellness products and to find out what best solves which concern.

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