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Organic Healthy Food Products

Price Range

  • Rs. 65 Rs. 1,465.

Just Organik products range in price between Rs. 65 to Rs. 1,465.

How To Buy​

You can buy Just Organik products directly from their website.

Just Organic products are available in major online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon and it is also available in retail stores like Spencer’s and More.


1. What are the shipping charges?

 A delivery charge of INR 100 is applicable for any order below INR 1000. All orders amount to INR 1000 or more are eligible for free delivery. 

2. What is the shipping timeline?

For the orders to metro region, it mostly takes 24 – 48 hours for delivery and for all the other places, the order may take 2-5 days.

3. What is the exchange policy?

If you do not like the quality of any product, please call at +91-8800798585.

4. How is Just Organik different from other brands?

Just Organik products come mainly from Uttarakhand. The farms in the higher reaches of Uttarakhand are naturally organic and have not been exposed to the commercialization of agriculture. The products are healthier and tastier than common commercial products.

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Just Organik is owned by a group of agriculturists located in Uttrakhand named Treta Agro Pvt Ltd. The company is the brainchild of thoughtful people who want to bring about a change in the food ecosystem of India and produce healthy and safe food for the nation.


style=”font-weight: 400;”>This venture also helps traditional farmers switch to organic farming methods and and curate sustainable wealth. Treta farms are spread all across India and ensure a variety of crops are grown in their natural climate without having to rely on chemical fertilizers.

The brand believes that not only humans but other animals also have the right to live on mother earth as it is their natural home but the use of chemicals in farming has polluted the soil, the air and earth tremendously. According to Ayurveda, these elements make up our body, so taking care of earth is like taking care of our own body. 

Repetitive use of chemical fertilizers on the same land deteriorates its natural fertility and leaves it completely arid. Treta ensures wide participation in their movement by encouraging local farmers to join them.

All the crops are grown in certified organic land and the products go through strict quality checks to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The brand is certified by USDA, European Union Standards, India Organic, and FSSAI.

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