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Minimalist Diamond Jewellery

Best Sellers

  • Small Thar Crescent
  • Small Adhira Crescent
  • Small The Pink Flower Crescent
  • Dazzling Delight Diamond Necklace
  • Signature Shine Diamond Necklace
  • Love Of Jewel Diamond Necklace
  • Artistic Attraction Diamond Necklace
  • Beautifully Designed Finger Ring
  • Flower Rose Gold Diamond Ring
  • Golden Beaded Diamond Bracelet
  • Classic Rose Gold Victorian Diamond Bracelet
  • Special Moon With Star Diamond Earrings
  • Glistening Butterfly Diamond Stud Earrings

Price Range

  • Rs. 14,800 Rs.102,000

Glow Jewels products range in price from Rs. 14,800 to Rs.102,000.

How To Buy​

You can buy Glow Jewels products directly from their website.


1. What are the shipping charges?
Glow Jewels offers free shipping on domestic orders.

2. What is the shipping timeline?
Shipping time depends on your location. However, Glow Jewels ensures that you get your delivery at the earliest.

3. Is the jewellery certified?
Yes, all products are BIS hallmarked by authorized bodies.

4. What is the return policy?
If you want to return a product, contact Glow Jewels by sending an email at within 7 days of receiving the order. The customer care team will get back to you within 48 hours.

5. What is the exchange policy?
Lifetime exchange is available at all the Glow Jewels retail stores in India.

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Glow’s founder’s journey started in 1939 with Kirtilals, a diamond and gold jewelry brand. The brand has been providing exceptional quality jewellery to three generations of women. The brand distinguishes itself on four factors: quality of diamonds, design, innovation, and unmatched service. Their customers have given

unquestionable support because of these reasons.

Now, they have applied the expertise of over four decades and create something unique. They have created special products for women who view jewelry in a new light. It’s not just about heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

With Glow, the brand caters to those who want to express themselves fully. They present diamond jewellery with the same expertise, design prowess, and dedicated craftsmanship in a new form.

Glow is set to be the symbol of far-reaching expertise and high quality with faultless service at its core. This brand is on a mission to break the mold for multi-purpose, lightweight, and innovative diamond jewelry.

The jewellery can be worn on multiple occasions or serve as a go-to option for luxury gifting. It is designed to facilitate effortless self-expression for the women of today.

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