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Product Range

  • Whimsical notebooks to
  • Elegantly carved wooden combs
  • Women’s wear
  • Men’s wear
  • Kid’s wear
  • Toys
  • Accessories
  • Bags 
  • Stationery 
  • Musical Instruments
  • Home décor accessories like 
    • Ceramic jewelry 
    • Silk stoles
    • Madhubani paintings. 
    • Batik printing, 
    • Quilting, 
    • Papier-mache work, 
    • Metal casting, and
    •  Punch work 

These are just a few of the skills employed by artists. Wood, leather, fiber, bamboo, grass, and even urbane garbage are some of the materials utilized.

Best Sellers

 Every single product at Gaatha is worth lauding and purchasing but a few stand out even among the stunning products available. Some of them are listed below.

  • Brass Dhokra Long Necklace
  • Divinity Platter Brass
  • Brass Spice Jar – Seven jars inside
  • Maheshwari Silk Dress Material With Dupatta – Violet and Green
  • Bagh Printed Cotton Saree With Red Pallu
  • Canvas Gond Painting
  • Salt Deserts of Kutch, Hand spun, Raw woolen Shawl
  • Summer Love, Dabu Cotton Saree
  • Koyal, Natural Color Pure Silk Saree

Price Range

  • Rs. 155 Rs. 42,000
  • The Jewellery at Gaatha ranges from ₹155 to ₹42,000.
  • The footwear is available at a range of ₹690 to ₹3,200.
  • Their women’s wear is priced from ₹380 to ₹54,365.
  • Their fabrics are priced from ₹280 to ₹5,000.
  • Their bags can be priced as low as ₹250 to ₹21,910.
  • Their menswear range is from ₹689 to ₹13,860.
  • Their accessories cost from ₹160 to 7,100.
  • Their toys are priced from ₹180 to ₹4,887.
  • Children’s apparel ranges from ₹400 to ₹3,410.
  • Their home decor range is from ₹220 to ₹19,80,000.
  • Stationery is priced at ₹200 to ₹10,400.
  • The price range of their beauty products is from ₹179 to ₹2,900.
  • The musical instruments cost as much as ₹350 to ₹1,250.

How To Buy​

You can purchase any Gaatha product through their website.


Q. Where can I get the products delivered?

A. The products can be delivered worldwide.

Q. What is the shipping fee?

A. Free shipping is offered within India but you may be charged for products being shipped internationally depending upon your location.

Q. Till when can I expect to receive my product?

A. The product will be delivered within 7 days to locations inside India and within 21 days to worldwide locations.

Q. Is cash on delivery offered?

A. Yes, cash on delivery is offered.

Q. Are there physical outlets for Gaatha?

A. There are no physical outlets for Gaatha.

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About is a treasure trove of Indian handicrafts from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Kashmir.Every single Gaatha product is made using traditional Indian techniques inspired by traditional Indian art and culture.

India is a land of many beautiful arts and cultures, but with the advent of the

cool urban culture, people are moving away from their roots. It was in this environment that three friends and batchmates, Sumiran Pandey, Shivani Dhar, and Himanshu Khar, from the prestigious National School of Design, Ahmedabad brought handicrafts to the forefront with their academic research project Gaatha. 

Something that started as a college project is now a globally acclaimed Indian handicrafts marketplace. Gaatha highlights India’s handicrafts and the anonymous artisans around the world. It features beautiful products made with traditional Indian techniques puts on display the lost talents of India. As each product is handmade, there is a beauty to the products of Gaatha that cannot be replicated. Each product is unique and made with hours of effort. 

Not only do you get beautiful sarees, stunning stationery, T-shirts, stoles, and paintings from Gaatha, but you also help to improve the rural and artisan economies. Ajrakh and dabu clothing, appliqué upholstery, and handloom weaves are just a few of the items you may expect to see when they arrive straight from the studio.

Gaatha aims to build a connection between customers and craftsmen by emphasizing the versatility and usefulness of craft. They intend to empower the craftsman in developing modern & meaningful designs that are a mix of contemporary and ethnic, as well as maintain transparency to ensure that all good practices are preserved and that all procedures are humanistic and environmentally balanced through regular exposure. 

This year, Gaatha is completing a full 12 years of keeping Indian art and culture alive and providing excellent quality products to each customer. Whether you require something for the home, the closet or as a gift, Gaatha has something to fulfill every need.

By purchasing from Gaatha, not only do you get your hands on stunning products, you also help sustain beautiful Indian art and artists.

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