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Chola Impressions


Tanjore Paintings

Best Sellers

  • Tanjore Stones Red and Green
  • Gold Foil Leaves
  • White Tanjore Stones
  • Tilak Tanjore Stones Red and Green
  • Chalk Powder and Arabic Gum Crystals
  • Gold Foil Tool Set for Tanjore Paintings

Price Range

  • ₹25 ₹59,999.

The price range at Chola Impressions is from ₹25 to ₹59,999.

How To Buy​

You can purchase any Chola Impressions product on their website.


Q. To where is shipping offered?

A. Shipping is offered pan India and internationally.

Q. What is the shipping fee?

A. Shipping fee is calculated based on your order and location.

Q.What payment methods are accepted?

A. Any card, internation or domestic, is accepted.

Q.Are all products shipped internationally?

A. Tanjore painting materials and bronze statues cannot be shipped internationally due to customs restrictions.

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Chola Impressions is a breath of fresh air in today’s mass manufacture world. They are located in Thanjavur, the birthplace of the famous paintings, that they are known for and this shows in the incredible paintings they create. They do not believe in mass producing their products. Instead,

each one is custom and they take care to make it a masterpiece.

They are the only company to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certification proving their authenticity and the sheer quality of their products. Each painting is begun at an auspicious time and it is ensured that all the necessary rituals are conducted before, after and during the painting process itself.

The paintings or other products from Chola Impressions are more than temporary belongings. They provide assurance that the 22 carat gold foil will not fade, making them the perfect heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. Chola Impressions is for those looking to build a legacy. 

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