Cotton, Silk Cotton and Linen Sarees

Best Sellers

  • Jading
  • White Printed Floral Cotton Saree
  • White Cotton Silk Saree with Ganga Jamuna Border
  • Navy Blue Abstract Printed Cotton Saree
  • Sky Blue Alpona Printed Cotton Saree
  • Pink Shibori Printed Cotton Saree
  • Orange Floral Printed Cotton Saree
  • Purple Floral Printed Cotton Saree
  • Batik Printed Dark Green Cotton Saree
  • Batik Printed Burnt Orange Cotton Saree
  • Polka Dot Batik Printed Indigo Cotton Saree

Price Range

  • Rs. 600 Rs. 3,000

BongChong products range in price from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3,000.

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You can buy BongChong products directly from their website. 

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Sarees have been a part of human civilization for millennia and are a timeless attire for every occasion. Bongchong prioritizes the comfort of the wearer above all else. Therefore, an expert team handpicks and curates all the products.

BongChong products are defined as “comfortable elegance”. The brand sources handwoven or hand-printed

sarees made with love by skilled artisans. The brand strives to bring a comfort factor to the sarees. The sarees are often made of pure cotton or cotton blend and are highly breathable.

Contrary to popular belief, the myth that cotton sarees are not soft is simply not true. Cotton fabric can be processed in a variety of ways. Some cotton varieties are among the softest and most breathable fabrics available. Whether it’s a wedding party or a mundane day, a saree is a versatile and evergreen option.

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