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Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery


An art gallery with specialisation in Tanjore paintings

Best Sellers

  • Balaji Tanjore Painting
  • Leaf Krishna Tanjore Painting
  • Gaja Lakshmi Antique Style Tanjore Painting
  • Thirupar Kadal Antique Style Tanjore Painting
  • Komatha Tanjore Painting
  • North Indian Krishna Tanjore Painting
  • Om Murugan Tanjore Painting

Price Range

  • ₹2,000 ₹1,39,000

The price range at Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery is from ₹2,000 to ₹1,39,000. 

How To Buy​

You can purchase Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery products on their website.


Q.Is the website price inclusive of taxes??

A. No, the website price is not inclusive of taxes.

Q.When can I expect to receive my purchase?

A.Orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Q.Is Cash on Delivery available?

A.Yes, Cash on Delivery is available for products under ₹8,200.

Q.What is the shipping fee?

A. Free shipping is available pan India.

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Balaji Tanjore Paintings is the prime location to purchase traditionally created Tanjore Paintings with a 22 carat gold foiling. They are aided by skilled artists who have honed their skill with over twenty years of experience. This is what makes Balaji Tanjore paintings the premier store that it


Balaji Tanjore Paintings are characterised by authentic Jaipur gems, framed in pure Teakwood that will stay in its prime for at least a century. It was founded by Veera Perumal in 1967 and its 55 years of existence provides many testimonies that will stand by the above statement.

They ship these paintings to over 34 countries in a way that ensures their safety and in order to make the process of purchasing these heirlooms more convenient for you. The paintings are very easy to install and maintain as well. With Balaji Tanjore Paintings, having a centrepiece in your home that will last for decades is now very easy.

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